Der Dalai Lama kommt zu Besuch; wie renoviere ich mein Badezimmer?
(The Dalai Lama comes to attendance; how do I recondition my bathroom?)

A new computer game from Swell Productions.
This fantastic computer game with 3D graphics and Dolby Surround Sound can be ordered eg. here.

Some in-game pictures:

You're worried: Is His Holiness going to like your bathroom?

You can choose from an enormous assortment of...

...baths... create a new bathroom:

And when His Holiness returns...

You lost the game: His Holiness does not like your bathroom!

You won the game: His Holiness is delighted!

Some Tips

1.) His Holiness is a vegetarian , so do not use furs, skulls, bones and ivory!
2.) Avoid moose-heads!
3.) His Holiness' favourite color is red!
4.) Choose natural accessoires!